MotiveWave Review


The multifunctional platform of analysis – MotiveWave


Motivewave is a desktop program for computers and mobile devices, with the help of which you can perform extend the technical analysis. Apart from the build in tools MetaTrader, professional elements have been added in MotiveWave for building graphics, determine trends reversal points, levels of support/ resistance and others. The platform allows to build graphics of any financial instruments, use back-tests on it, scan, and perform forward testing. It means that you can model almost any situation on the financial market and be ready for it.

This program is meant to experienced traders, who trade within a day or in the long term format. It is a multilingual interface, for this reason, the information is accepted easily by users from different countries.

If users have questions, you can always connect with the service desk. You can do it via e-mail ([email protected]). The average time or answer is 102 hours at weekdays. Unfortunately, managers MotiveWave speak only in English.

How much is the usage of MotiveWave program?

motivewave platform

This platform is not free of charge but developers provide a lot of billing plans. That way each client picks for himself an optimal variant, depending upon needs and trading intensity. 

For possibilities testing the version “Free” is available. To test free of charge the possibilities of the platform you can within fourteen days.  After that, it will be offered to buy one of the license variants. The billing plan is not optimized for a monthly subscription, but for buying a “Full Time” license for an indefinite time. But if required the billing plan can be changed in the future.

Rates of categories:

  • Basic Plan is $ 99;
  • Basic PLUS is $ 195;
  • TRADE is $ 295;
  • STRATEGY -is$ 595;
  • PROFESSIONAL is $ 995.

The most expensive license version will cost $1595.

You can buy categories of tools for analysis separately. For example, you can buy the Basic license for $99 and enlarge it one or another analytical instrument.  For example, the system of the automatic building of the Elliot wave will cost $495. But in the professional version of the license, it is built-in.

The Payment is accepted through the Bank cards and some electronic payment systems without commission.

Which graphics are represented in MotiveWave Platform

motivewave chart

The traders and investors buy license version of this program to perform detailed analysis and scan graphics, to model the movement of assets’ price according to algorithms and sharp mathematic law. The foundation of all of it is graphics. The user can customize all elements of interface for himself.  Timeframe, graphics type, color variations, range, candle types can be changed. The program allows activating even seconds graphics and uses separately scalping tools for trading binary options.

Connection of analytical strategies

motivewave analytical strategies

One of the peculiarities of the programs is the availabilities of built-in trading strategies.  You can choose them from the list or you can create them manually according to more than 15 options. For example, it is possible to create strategies based on William Blau’s index, which allows identifying the trend and find points of oversold/overbought. Modified MACD is more precise than standard indicators from Metatrader.

The strategies can be connected and activate the modeling for all categories of financial instruments including futures, currency couples, indexes, CFD.

Testing and back-tests

motivewave chart

Above we have written that the function of modeling of the situation is a built-in program. The testing is performed by specified criteria. Another function is back-tests. To customize these options, it is necessary to have an eye for many items; there are more than ten. The modeling is performed at one of two algorithms. One is more complicated and includes all possible combinations. Another is simpler and based on standard ranges, embedded by developers.



A given platform is multifunctional and useful, but it is not unique.  The license cost can be called overstated. There are a lot of analogs like Autochartist. For this reason, we can recommend this platform only to experienced users, who need complicated analysis and modeling for big transactions. This platform will be useful for newcomers with a deposit of $1000 but too expensive in usage. This program will be topical for those who trade short terms transactions. The platform differs with speed works, the users have not noticed any slowdown in work. Nevertheless, the interface is performed in English. If you are from CIS, Europe or Asia, it can be difficult for you to understand some terms and titles in the program.

Thinkorswim Review


The disruption of ThinkOrSwim Platform

thinkorswim platform

ThinkOrSwim is a trading platform that is integrated into a system of the broker company Ameritrade. Today this platform is partly independent which offers everyone the opportunity to choose a tariff and trade in the program. It differs from the basic version of Metatrader by its functions, convenience, and informativeness. 

And, of course, most traders are potentially choosing the ThinkOrSwim as a working platform. It is worth to mention that the program is positioning itself as a serious instrument. This is why it is rational for experienced traders who can work with settings independently to use it.

How much it will cost to use the program

The platform is integrated into the system of the Ameritrade company, this is why transactions are executed with a certain commission. You can connect the program to the account of another broker, physical or online one. The platform is free itself and you can download it on your computer or mobile device. But tariffing acts for transactions. 


•    Options – $6.95 per transaction;

•    Investment funds – $49.99 per transaction;

•    Futures – $2.25 per transaction;

•    Stocks, ETF – $6.95 per transaction.

Tariffing is fully transparent even though the value of the established commission causes disputes among some customers.

Features of the ThinkOrSwim trading platform

First of all the multifunctionality attracts potential traders to this platform. It allows you not only to track graphs but also to analyze, scan, monitor, and test possible signals. All user interface windows can be corrected as you wish. 

We have mentioned above that the platform is more suitable for experienced traders. The deal is that all its potential opportunities are opened with the ability to use various tools. For example, besides classic Japanese candlesticks, Heikin Ashi and Equivolume candles can be displayed on the screen. They display equivalent volumes. ВDue to this candlestick format it can simplify the analysis and “read” the situation in the financial market better. 


It is convenient to display several graphs on different timeframes on the central display. Unique interface settings do not limit the user in choosing colors.

The total number of available indicators and instruments for users is more than a hundred. It is much more than it was available on the Metatrader platform. One of the features of this platform is that there are a number of tools specifically designed by well-known analysts John Carter and John Person.

The window with the list of financial instruments has a sufficient size so that the user could track the value of many assets at the same time, monitor the increase and decrease in prices. For a search of optimal conditions for trading, you can perform scanning on previously prepared parameters.

News in the ThinkOrSwim trading platform

thinkorswim platform

Trading by the news is a basis for fundamental analysis. And the ThinkOrSwim platform allows it on inner servers. Independent news is published by authoritative sources (can be customized). Updates occur in real time with access to the Internet.

Order opening and notification

thinkorswim order opening

Performing transactions on the platform are not momentary, the process of performing the order can take a while. It depends on how fast liquidity providers will respond. This factor often causes negative reviews of clients But, it is hard to call it the one which significantly affects the outcome of trading. Every user has the opportunity to set up alerts for different triggers. It will allow you to concentrate on the concrete screen and leave the function of tracking some factors of the platform. There can be sound or visual notifications.


Firstly, the ThinkOrSwim trading platform was independent but subsequently, it was acquired by the Ameritrade broker. The functional didn’t reduce after it but anyway it is not the totally independent program for graphs analysis and forecasting anymore. Along with the Ameritrade, ThinkOrSwim executives are working on an expansion of the list of available tools and training materials. For example, today you can use free news podcasts, video seminars, instructions on trading in financial markets. It is convenient that all this is available on the trading platform and you don’t have to open a lot of websites and bookmarks in the browser.

You can communicate in online chat with other traders connected to the system by means of the trading terminal. But participants are speaking a different language and it causes some difficulties.

The platform pricing is suitable only for experienced traders whose deposit is more than one thousand dollars. And for beginner traders, the feasibility of such a platform is not high, since it is also necessary to be able to use all its functionality. But beginner users can always use free training material.

TrendSpider Review


TrendSpider automated technical analysis platform


In modern realities, there are enough tools to automate trading. This means that a trader or an investor no longer needs to spend daily time manually drawing patterns, drawing charts, price ranges, and determining support and resistance levels by mathematical calculations. All this has been optimized. And one of the modern optimization tools is the TrendSpider platform.

It is a terminal via which you can monitor technical analysis, which is based on numerous algorithms. Traders facilitate daily work, like all patterns, support and resistance levels, lines and waves are built automatically. And the user receives a ready-made forecast on the price of the selected asset.

trendspider chart analysis software

This company was created by a group of IT-specialists relatively recently, in 2017. The central headquarters is located in the city of Chicago, United States of America. The idea of the developers was that all possible technical analysis tools could be used automatically, based on pre-built algorithms and machine learning methods.

How much does it cost to use TrendSpider?

trendspider prices

To test all the features of the system without restrictions, the company provides free access throughout the week. After the expiration of this period, you will need to pay the tariff:

  • PRO Trader / cost $ 29.15 per month for 1 quarter or $ 24.75 if paid for in a year;
  • ELITE Trader / cost $ 43.85 per month for 1 quarter or 37.25 when paying for the year;
  • Analyst/cost $ 22.75 per month for 1 quarter or $ 17.65, when paying for a year.

The annual cost of using this service will cost from $ 200 US. But the company offers different variations and provides the opportunity to pay quarterly with a free test mode. This will reduce the initial costs.

How it all works in the TrendSpider platform

trendspider platform

TrendSpider is made in the format of a web platform, similar to Metatrader. The user sees a graph in front of him, he can choose the necessary financial instrument. The design was created in such a way as to be less different from the usual elements. All the same candles, convenient menu with a selection of the right tool.

One of the main tools is the trend lines. They are built automatically on each selected graph. In this case, the user does not need to specify additional settings. An algorithm for rendering these lines will be interesting for many. They are based on highs, lows, fractals with cross rates.

Three basic analyzes are available to users:

  • Original;
  • Enhanced;
  • Experimental.

In one form or another, different tools are used, so the result may differ. Developers are recommended to immediately test all possible functions in order to choose for themselves the optimal pool of settings.

trendspider platform

Using all the tools, you can determine support and resistance levels, maximum and minimum points, oversold and overbought levels, trend reversal points, price range and much more.

Details on Fibonacci levels in TrendSpider

In the manual construction of Fibonacci levels, there is one major drawback – the difficulty of determining the minimum and maximum points of the price chart. But on the TrendSpider graph, the corresponding tool was formed in such a way as to most accurately determine these points. As a result, Elliott waves and wave patterns can be effectively built. On average, forecast accuracy is increased by 23-28%.

Indicators used in the analysis

The TrendSpider system includes indicators familiar to many traders: SAR, RSI, MACD, moving averages, and others. There are more than 40 tools available in this category. Deep settings for each parameter increase accuracy. But if you are a novice trader, you can safely apply standard indicators with basic parameters.

By analogy with X-ray, several layers of analytical indicators can be displayed on a graph in the system. This will allow monitoring the price of the asset from a single window.


Trading signals according to the results of technical analysis can be configured to notify in the service itself or to e-mail. All this happens in a dynamic mode, without any delay. 

Final Thoughts

TrendSpider was able to create a versatile and truly effective automated analysis tool. Of course, the service does not involve the automatic execution of transactions and it is not integrated into Metatrader. But a custom interface is a big advantage. Use the received signals and open trades directly on your account with any broker.


Omega Trend Forex EA Review

omega trend ea

Omega Trend is a professional trading adviser, which is based on three universal principles for effective and profitable trading in the forex market. The FXAutomater  has developed the robot. It is suitable for traders of any skill level and is sold on Let’s try to figure out if everything is so great and if any hidden details can cause you to lose your deposit. We will conduct a review, study user reviews and conclude by concluding – so read to the end and do not rush to buy anything.

Omega Trend trading advisor cover by FXAutomater developer.

Main characteristics

Omega Trend robot is presented on a specialized site, where only one page is highlighted for its description – the rest of the site is devoted to the presentation of similar products on which FXAutomater earnings are built. That is, to evaluate the adviser you will not have many details and all the basic information you will find in this section.

Trading strategy. To successfully work in a volatile market, the adviser uses three trading approaches at once, which have the following capabilities:

  1. The first approach is based on the identification of dominant trends that are formed daily at small time intervals (here the program assesses micro and macro movements). The adviser evaluates all possible movements and stops at those that can give maximum profit. Next, the program performs the setup, selects entry points and prepares to get into operation immediately in the wake of a new impulse.
  2. The second approach is based on the diversity strategy – the foreign exchange market is too unpredictable to be predicted by anyone set of rules. Therefore, the developers integrated several trend indicators into the program at once, which are tied to several trading strategies at once. This combination makes Omega Trend resistant to market changes and allows profitable trading in any condition.
  3. The third approach allows you to use dynamic orders to open and close transactions. The authors of this concept are convinced that if you use static entry points and take profits for a certain number of points, then over time this leads to a significant landing of a trading account, a lot of missed opportunities and a limit on the size of potential earnings. A modern adviser should be able to respond to changing volatility and make adjustments to the order opening scheme along the way (use a floating trailing stop, take profit and stop loss).

Omega Trend combines these approaches into one holistic algorithm, which in some way can automatically adapt to various currency pairs and choose the most profitable and safe trading scenario. In theory, everything looks good, but the developers did not provide any details so that these three approaches could be safely tested on a demo account or chart history.

Cost. If you didn’t make it to the sales period, then you will have to pay $ 97 for the adviser – we conduct a review on the eve of Black Friday, so we can buy it for $ 47. This amount includes one license for one real deposit, three licenses for testing on a demo account, round-the-clock support and a 60-day warranty period during which you can return the money.

Test results. By default, the adviser is optimized for the euro/dollar and pound/dollar currency pairs, which were tested over a long-time period and with a minimum drawdown, significantly increased the size of the initial deposit.

omega trend forex advisor pound/dollar currency pair

On the pound/dollar currency pair, the Omega Trend adviser conducted a 13-year test and was able to disperse the deposit from $ 10,000 to $ 206,000 – this is a 73.65% return.

omega trend forex advisor euro/dollar currency pair

On the euro/dollar currency pair, the Omega Trend adviser conducted a 4-year test and dispersed the deposit from $ 5,000 to $ 169,000 – this is 62.65% of the yield.

User reviews

We reviewed a lot of thematic forums and did not find any useful references to Omega Trend trading advisor from FXAutomater – there are free versions of Omega Trend and Omega Trend Plus that have nothing to do with our program. Instead, we found some negative references to the developers of FXAutomater:

  • Developers hide real identities and do not use their products.
  • In the long run, all advisors from FXAutomater merge the deposit.
  • FXAutomater developers remove negative statistics and do not allow traders to evaluate real trading results.

As evidence, we will add some screenshots, having studied which you can get acquainted with the details.

omega trend forex user reviews

Lachezar Krastaev (nickname “Bulgarian”) is one of the famous representatives of the FXAutomater team. He sells many trading robots, each of which merges a deposit.

omega trend forex user reviews

The user accuses the seller of fraud and cleaning of trade statistics. FXAutomater claims to have 15 years of experience, but cannot provide even 5-year statistics. A 60-day warranty period is available to all users, but this is not enough to test the performance of a trading robot – if you take six months, then during this time all released products trade at a loss. Real statistics are deleted. As evidence, you can follow the link where one of the real monitoring volatility-factor robots from FXAutomater is closed. There is no page, but the product is still for sale. Verification link:

User Agreement Nuances

We highlight several points that are masked on the site and should warn you against rash investments:

  1. They sell all trading robots exclusively for educational purposes and after use can lead to large losses. Therefore, do not invest money that you cannot afford to lose (developer warning).
  2. The tests performed are subject to rule 4.41 CFTC. That is, all statistics are modeled, taken from the history of charts and not verified on a real deposit.
  3. If you buy an adviser and lose everything, you will be to blame for everything and you will not be able to file a legal claim against representatives of FXAutomater.

If we combine everything, we will receive an unverified, highly risky trading robot that can quickly and unpunished drain your deposit. In our opinion, the outlook is not very bright, so we move on to summarizing.


Omega Trend is a low-quality program that cannot be trusted with a real deposit. Here are a few main reasons why we think so:

  1. Unreliable developer: FXAutomater does not use its products, carefully erases negative reviews and removes the test results of its later developments.
  2. In the official description, there is no such information about which specific algorithms the transactions will be conducted and how the listed strategies will interact with each other. Now it’s just an abstract concept, for which you can pick up a hundred free strategies from trading forums.
  3. The developers did not conduct real tests, took statistics from the account history and do not guarantee future results.

Write in the comments about how you feel about the Omega Trend trading advisor and all FXAutomater products? Why do you think unprepared traders are actively investing in such programs and do not want to study the market on their own?

Forex Fury Robot Review

forex fury robot

The popularity of forex trading for making some quick money is on a high. Alongside this growing popularity, many automated forex trading robots have emerged that facilitate profit-making. Among these robots, some products are simply a scam that traders should steer clear of. Traders thus need to investigate and review forex robots before investigating them.

Forex Fury is a trading robot that has been enjoying the limelight for quite some time now. It will be the subject of this review today.

Forex Fury Detailed Review

The first impression of the Forex Fury sales website stands good with a well-developed, updated and professional appearance. On the homepage, the vendor promises an automated forex robot with 100% verified results and a 93% win-rate. The website provides trading results and links to verified Myfxbook accounts, raising expectations and establishing credibility. Though the developers behind Forex Fury robot are not new to the forex world, the website doesn’t mention any details about them apart from their mission.

forex fury robot

Forex Fury Offering

The Forex Fury robot is available at a price of $299 to traders. The one-time investment is a considerable amount for novice traders, with no option of paying from the profits they earn by using the robot.  It so appears from the website that the vendor does not extend any money-back guarantee. This is a red flag for skeptical buyers who may not be satisfied with the performance of the robot after purchase. A diamond package that offers 2-lifetime licenses is also available.

forex fury robot accounts

Trading Conditions of the Robot

The robot is compatible with the MT4, MT5 Build 600+, FIFO and NFA trading platforms. Traders can use the robot with any MetaTrader4 or MetaTrader5 Broker as per their wish. The robot has been optimized to trade in the EUR/USD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY, USD/CAD, GBP/USD and the XAU/USD currency pairs. While no timeframe has been mentioned on the website, the forex robot conducts multiple trades in a day (about 10). There is no recommendation as for the deposits, but traders need to make a minimum deposit of $100 to trade on a live account. The developers also state that various performance metrics can be identified by the trader, but the setting in context hasn’t been elaborated.

Forex Fury – Trading Strategy

The Forex Fury Trading Robot follows scalping, opening trades an hour every day, during the period when the markets are ranging. The vendor claims to stick to a low-risk strategy that has a drawdown of less than 20%, employing multiple filters to dodge the poor conditions of the market. However, the vendor does not provide any further information about the stop loss, take profit, timeframes and other aspects of the trading strategy. What settings can and cannot be optimized by the trader also remains unanswered. This can prevent certain cautious traders from opting for the robot.

Trading Results

The Forex Fury vendor has been very efficient in sharing testing results – providing results for different currency pairs and sharing live trading results too.  All the results presented on the website are linked to verified Myfxbook results, some of which have been going on for long periods of time. The results are impressive and appear to offer a great return on investment. For instance, the robot shows 215 out of 215 successful trades for the EUR/USD pair at the time of writing this review.

forex fury robot trading results

Customer Reviews

Many customers have been all praises about the robot. However, there have been quite some negative reviews about the robot too. While many complained about incompetent support from the Forex Fury team, some were unhappy about the no refunds policy. A few customers even claimed to have difficulty in setting up the robot and about the robot’s failure to place trades that prevent loss. 

forex fury robot reviews
forex fury robot reviews


To come to a conclusion, let us do a run-down of the pros and cons of the robot:

Availability of verified Myfxbook accountLack of developer information
Verified backtesting and trading resultsInsufficient trading strategy information

Abundance of negative customer reviews

However, as the robot is a onetime investment that is non-refundable, traders are advised to take caution and conduct thorough research before investing in it.

Darkmoon FX Review

darkmoon fx

Darkmoon FX Tools

Darkmoon FX consists of six separate semi-automated trading tools for Forex traders. These include 

  • TraderAgent
  • Newsinfo
  • VelocityMeter
  • SpreadMonitor
  • AccountInfor
  • TradeInfo

The entire operation is owned by a U.K. based Forex trader named Norbert Mereg. He has included a contact form which users on the site can use to reach him. Of the six products mentioned which are all compatible with MetaTrader 4, TraderAgent, originally by ICEFx, is the one that gets the most focus. One area of concern is the nature of the software, as it is advertised as an Expert Advisor but is more of a trade manager.  It is designed to keep risks at a bare minimum, enabling it to adjust take profits and stop losses based on the market. 

Darkmoon FX Description

Type: Forex Robot/Trade Manager
Strategy: Trend Following
Price: $49 – $99
Timeframe Used: M15
Currency Pairs: EUR/USD and USD/CHF

Key features of the product

TraderAgent, the main product offered and marketed, is packed with several useful tools and features such as:

  • Hedging
  • Stealth Mode
  • Trailing Stop
  • Position Management
  • Break-even
  • Grid support
  • 5 Trailer stop
  • Spread maximization
  • Predefined stop loss
  • Remote position management
  • Equity auto close

Trading Strategies

TradeAgent uses a trend following strategy. The website does not do a good job of providing information regarding the strategy it uses. This is a certain red flag and an area of concern for potential buyers, who look for a certain degree of transparency while looking at products to choose from. The fact that there is not enough information on the strategy certainly rings alarm bells. 

Testing Results

Surprisingly the website or the developers did not make any effort to provide legitimate backtesting results to prove their worth. It is expected from an Expert Advisor to provide their clients with detailed trading results, from accounts on authoritative sites such as and This is sadly absent in Darkmoon FX’s case. 

After much searching, a back test from 2011 to 2014 was found, but it doesn’t really help us determine the effectiveness of the product in 2019. The fact that no verifiable trading accounts could be found can be a major concern for people paying upto $99. 

Customer Reviews

There are plenty of negative comments coming from the trading community regarding this product. 

darkmoon fx review
darkmoon fx review

Pros and Cons


  • Includes 6 useful tools
  • Affordable
  • Works with metatrader 4


  • Lack of transparency
  • Sluggish customer service
  • No back testing/trading results included

Bottom line

The world of Forex can be a dangerous place for novice traders trying to get in, especially after the influx of fraudulent software claiming to be Expert Advisors. Thus, it becomes imperative for the customer to check certain factors and then judge its legitimacy before making the final purchase decision. 

As far as Darkmoon FX is concerned, the products are very reasonably priced. However, because of the general lack of transparency and their failure to provide users with updated backtesting results, casts it in a negative light. Unless the developers provide us with more information on certain aspects, it is not recommended to go for this software, especially since proven alternatives are present in the same price range. 

Algo Trade Copier review

algo trade copier

Algo Trade Copier, starting from the name, belongs to the family of exchange optimizing robots. This is a small tool in terms of volume and occupied computing power, which is designed to repeat the most winning trading strategies and allow the exchange to more effectively respond to trading signals. According to the developers, the response speed of trading signals does not exceed 50 milliseconds. For comparison, pinging a network through a wireless Wi-Fi point of 200 milliseconds is considered a normal result.

This is how truly effective systems work. Unfortunately, too many add-ons for trading software turn out to be ordinary fraudulent software code, and Algo Trade Copier is one such example. A separate and special office for this software is also not provided. All computational work is carried out on the side of developers, so in theory, it is safe.

In terms of developing their skills, the Algo Trade Copier trader is not only useless but even harmful. Automatically copying successful behavioral strategies cannot be fruitful without an understanding of market conditions and all current trends. Experienced traders are always versed in trading on their own, and optimization can relate only to proven strategies that have proven to be effective. There is even a profit growth chart on the developer’s site, but it is unrealistic to check it.

algo trade copier chart

Key features of Algo Trade Copier and its claimed business benefits

The main thing that the creators of the product rely on is cloud computing without VPS. In most cases, a dedicated server is an extremely necessary thing for forex trading. If a trader sits on many exchanges at the same time, then on some of them he may be banned due to the presence of an IP country from the blacklist. The forex market in this matter does not have common standards. The cloud makes it possible to calculate all operations directly through the “cloud”. A trader with this technology gets an advantage over those who use an ordinary proxy. Intensive trading requires the sending of many packages, and for this, you will need an expensive proxy for subscription, which is also not always applicable to all cash exchanges.

In practice, unfortunately, Algo Trade Copier does not provide a reliable connection. Some traders claimed that the work was stable, but a positive result was not achieved for a relatively long time.

The minimum contribution to the use of the product is $250. It is very expensive for such a small program and immediately reveals certain suspicions regarding the potential scam. Those who pay this amount claim that the effectiveness of automated trading does not pay for this amount at all.

Tool Reviews

In terms of reviews, robot processing algorithms shows an extremely negative picture. What is the main thing in any auxiliary algorithm? Do not interfere with the trader to work with the exchange or crypto sites! Algo Trade Copier shows completely unpredictable behavior. Traders are very complaining that trading signals turn on and off, if not sporadically, then for completely incomprehensible and unpredictable reasons.

Finding a good review of the Algo Trade Copier was physically unrealistic. The gap between the declared and actual benefits of this product is too big to seriously recommend someone to use this assistant to carry out trading operations.

In addition to the actual technical problems, the creators of the algorithm revealed commonplace problems with decency. The refund (refund) is absent here, the site does not return anything, who lost their savings – it is to blame for trust, but the brand owners will not pay anything. The final performance of VPS is also doubtful, which is why all advertising regarding cloud computing and the special advantages of access from any country are completely leveled.

algo trade copier review

Positive ratings from Algo Trade Copier look like frank commercial orders and are written like standard “success stories” of traders who supposedly made money on the project. Some even write about the desire to order this product in many copies, but after searching the network there were no traces of the massive use of this copier of algorithms.

algo trade copier review

Conclusions regarding the robot

Algo Trade Copier does not bring any visible profit. On the contrary, the traders who used it only complain about the money spent. A high starting deposit allows us to evaluate this robot as an extremely dubious project. One can suspect that this tool will not stay on the market for a long time and is intended mainly for collecting money from stockbrokers who want easy money.

FxStabilizer EA Review

fxstabilizer forex robot

FxStabilizer is a Forex trading advisor, which is positioned as a reliable and durable program that allows you to receive daily profits automatically without failures and long-term drawdowns.

Let’s get acquainted with the FxStabilizer Advisor in more detail. First, go to the official website and see a detailed description. Next, we will get acquainted with the statistics of transactions and user reviews. In the end, let’s summarize, go through the main advantages and disadvantages, and also share our opinion on the program.

A detailed review of robots FxStabilizer

fxstabilizer forex robot review

Let’s start with the study of the official site, which is created in the form of a simple one-page structure and consists of 5 sections: “Home”, “Information”, “Statistics”, “Order” and “Contacts”. The site is not adapted to the Russian language, so we will further analyze all sections and highlight key information.

FxStabilizer is an automatic robot with which it will be convenient to work even for users without earning experience in the forex market:

  1. It is enough to buy and install an adviser.
  2. Select the appropriate operating mode: normal or turbo.
  3. Specify the acceptable level of risk that is easily reconfigured and displayed as a percentage of the deposit. After you can go to trade.

In the descriptive part, it says that FxStabilizer has a special protective mechanism, which during the test trials worked only in 1997 on the AUD / USD currency pair. In other cases, the robot carefully analyzed the market situation, accurately selected points for transactions and increased the deposit.

Cost and terms of purchase

fxstabilizer forex robot cost

According to the price category, the FxStabilizer trading robot is divided into three types:

  1. There are two basic advisors for the $ 295 FXStabilizer. The first adviser was developed for the AUD / USD currency pair and supplemented with statistics since 2015. The second adviser goes under the EUR / USD currency pair and its statistics start in 2016. For the rest of the parameters, these robots are identical.
  2. FXStabilizer Ultimate version for $ 539. Here, 6 currency pairs are available for work, under 2 of which you can change trading modes.
  3. Version FXStabilizer PRO for $ 739. This version provides 8 currency pairs, one additional license and 2 pairs with a changeable trading mode.

After buying an advisor, you get one perpetual license for one trading account of the MetaTrader 4 terminal. If in the future you want to change the forex broker, then the license for the advisor is saved: you just need to enter your personal account and reconfigure the license for the trading terminal of the new broker. All updates are free and can be performed an unlimited number of times.

All versions of the FxStabilizer robot are covered by a 30-day warranty, which allows you to return 100% of the money spent on the purchase. You are buying an advisor → trying to earn → if there is no result, write to tech support and ask for a refund. This information is listed on the main page of the site. However, if we go to the footer of the site, open the “Privacy Policy” and read the return policy, then there will be an important addition. The funds are returned only if you use all the recommended settings and the trading advisor will lose more than 40% of your deposit. Otherwise, there will be no refund.

General characteristics

fxstabilizer forex robot characteristics

FxStabilizer is a fully automatic program that, judging by the screenshots of transaction statistics, is designed for an hour timeframe. Here is a list of currency pairs that can be used in the work: EUR / USD, AUD / USD, EUR / JPY, USD / JPY, USD / CAD, CHF / JPY, EUR / GBP and GBP / CHF. Please note that we have listed all currency pairs that are used in different versions of the FxStabilizer trading robot. If you buy a program with limited functionality, you will be tied to fewer pairs.

Robot FxStabilizer is designed for deposits that do not exceed $300,000. For a larger trading account, additional advice from company representatives is needed. You can get it by writing a message through the form in the “Contacts” section. Other data developers have not provided.

FxStabilizer Trading Strategy

There is no description of the trading strategy on the site, according to the rules of which the adviser works. There is the only information that all versions can work in normal and turbo mode. Normal mode assumes stable profits and safe operation, and turbo mode – high wages and increased risk. What this means in numbers, the developers have not specified. In the basic versions of the product, the specified modes are set by default and are not configured. For PRO-versions, an additional license is provided, which allows you to configure the EA for any parameters.

Trading results

fxstabilizer forex robot trading results

The main page of the site says that the adviser has been tested at different time intervals and the longest test has been passed since 1997. The site has additional screenshots that prove this efficiency – at various intervals, the robot consistently trades and gives about 90% of the deposit increase. The site also publishes live statistics, the reliability of which is confirmed by the independent information service myfxbook. The only nuance is that all these tests are conducted on a demo account and in practice does not guarantee a result. This is confirmed by one of the sections of the “Privacy Policy”, which warns all users about the high probability of risk.

Customer Reviews

FxStabilizer trading advisor is not widely used, so there are few detailed reviews. Let’s highlight the main and most useful:

  • After buying a program some users cannot install an adviser because their PC qualifies the program as a virus. In all cases, the seller ignores this claim and refuses to return the money. If the payment is made without a credit card, then the payment cannot be disputed and the chargeback procedure cannot be initiated.
  • A part of users note that the adviser has been working stably for many months, is making a profit and fully pays for the investments made. The program is based on the Martingale method, so absolutely everyone has the opportunity to make a profit without any effort.

A separate user group constantly talks about the fact that for several months the adviser may show a small performance and then drastically drain most of the deposit. From this scenario, no one is insured.


Let us list the main advantages that we identified during the study of the FxStabilizer advisor:

  • There are various batch offers and detailed transaction statistics for a long time period.
  • A perpetual license, which can be configured under accounts of different forex brokers. The procedure is carried out in a few clicks and can be performed an unlimited number of times.

And now let’s go through the main disadvantages:

  • All testing was conducted on a demo account, so we have no real evidence that the adviser will be effective in practice.
  • There is a 30-day warranty, however, it is filed with a hidden additional condition and in practice can be used only in a limited number of cases.
  • There is no detailed information about which company developed the adviser and why its services can be trusted. There is also no detailed description of the trading algorithm, which is the basis of the advisor. It is still not clear how much the usual mode will differ from the turbo mode.
fxstabilizer forex robot review

Considering all of the above, we get a high-quality adviser, whose effective work before the purchase cannot be verified in practice. Because of this, we assign the average reliability level and a rating of 5 out of 10 to the FxStabilizer trading robot.