High Low Review

high low

High Low markets PTY Limited – the actual owner of the High Low broker. The company is registered in Australia, where its headquarters is located. The activity is conducted openly, with the license of an authoritative regulator. The site was created in 2014 – during this period, for the first time, users had the opportunity to trade binary options. Please note that the company is focused on binary trading. Accordingly, long-term transactions with direct access to the interbank market are not carried out.

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How to start trading with a High Low broker

Unfortunately, the site of the company is not multilingual, it is available only in English, Chinese and Korean. Therefore, it is also impossible to call it informative. Detailed training materials are not available to users. But this is accepted by many binary options brokers, as it is very problematic to accurately predict the markets in such trading.

For registration, you will need to spend about 5 minutes. But at the last stage, the user will be required to confirm his identity and send scanned copies of documents (files can be downloaded immediately in the registration window). This is convenient since the verification of sent documents is only a few hours.

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Registration and trading conditions

On your first register, users are given a bonus of $ 50 on the first transaction. Of course, they cannot be withdrawn – this money can be wagered by earning real dollars to the main account.

High Low trading conditions:

• The minimum deposit is $10;

• The minimum bid is $1;

• Trading platform – browser-based, as well as a mobile application for iOS and Android;

• The amount of the withdrawal fee is absent (only fees of the payment instrument).

high low broker trading conditions

Trading Technique

The broker High Low has several transaction formats with different expiration times, from several minutes to several hours. The number of trading assets exceeds 80 units. Transactions are not displayed on the international financial market. All quotes are formed by companies, derived from third-party suppliers. The task of the trader is to predict in which direction the price will move and whether it closes at a level lower or higher than the target. Everything is quite simple.

Unlike traditional trading, a High Low broker can earn up to 90% of the profit from a rate for one successful order. In the case of an incorrect forecast – the entire rate burns.

Trading terminal

It is difficult to distinguish the trading terminal of the company High Low from the counterparts of the broker’s competitors. In the center of the platform is a chart, at the top and on the side of the menu for selecting the timeframe, assets, expiration time. On the right – the setting for the forecast, the size of the bet, a time counter. Of course, third-party forecasting tools are not allowed. But the company added the ability to build graphic elements on the integrated graphics. For example, Bollinger lines or other basic tools are available.

Payment processing and bonus charges

The company lures potential customers with headers about the accrual of additional bonuses. The last figure we noticed is 200% of the deposit. Of course, such a bonus will slightly affect the performance of trading. Otherwise, the broker would have been ruined long ago. It is not credited to the main account and it is impossible to withdraw this money. They can only be partial insurance for the client from a complete drawdown.

Withdrawals are carried out via bank cards, direct bank transfer or via Neteller e-wallet. Other ways are not provided.

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Other features

We already wrote above that the broker does not provide training materials. But in a special section, you can read a generalized theory of trading, as well as view the thematic videos. It is unlikely to be an effective learning tool.

Once logged in, you can immediately try your hand at the demo. But keep in mind that binary options are a risky trading format. Therefore, correctly count your strength.


high low broker chart

High Low is one of the few binary options brokers that operate under the leadership of a reputable Australian regulator. The well-developed interface of the trading terminal and loyal trading conditions are a definite bonus in favor of the company.

Among the shortcomings can be identified as not a multilingual site and not coherent technical support. The fact is that there is no online chat on the site. And you can contact the manager only by Australian telephone or e-mail. Given the difference in time zones, the response will take a long time.

But the company deserves the attention of those who are ready to test their skills, even taking into account the existing shortcomings.

Our score: 6.8/10

MotiveWave Review


The multifunctional platform of analysis – MotiveWave


Motivewave is a desktop program for computers and mobile devices, with the help of which you can perform extend the technical analysis. Apart from the build in tools MetaTrader, professional elements have been added in MotiveWave for building graphics, determine trends reversal points, levels of support/ resistance and others. The platform allows to build graphics of any financial instruments, use back-tests on it, scan, and perform forward testing. It means that you can model almost any situation on the financial market and be ready for it.

This program is meant to experienced traders, who trade within a day or in the long term format. It is a multilingual interface, for this reason, the information is accepted easily by users from different countries.

If users have questions, you can always connect with the service desk. You can do it via e-mail ([email protected]). The average time or answer is 102 hours at weekdays. Unfortunately, managers MotiveWave speak only in English.

How much is the usage of MotiveWave program?

motivewave platform

This platform is not free of charge but developers provide a lot of billing plans. That way each client picks for himself an optimal variant, depending upon needs and trading intensity. 

For possibilities testing the version “Free” is available. To test free of charge the possibilities of the platform you can within fourteen days.  After that, it will be offered to buy one of the license variants. The billing plan is not optimized for a monthly subscription, but for buying a “Full Time” license for an indefinite time. But if required the billing plan can be changed in the future.

Rates of categories:

  • Basic Plan is $ 99;
  • Basic PLUS is $ 195;
  • TRADE is $ 295;
  • STRATEGY -is$ 595;
  • PROFESSIONAL is $ 995.

The most expensive license version will cost $1595.

You can buy categories of tools for analysis separately. For example, you can buy the Basic license for $99 and enlarge it one or another analytical instrument.  For example, the system of the automatic building of the Elliot wave will cost $495. But in the professional version of the license, it is built-in.

The Payment is accepted through the Bank cards and some electronic payment systems without commission.

Which graphics are represented in MotiveWave Platform

motivewave chart

The traders and investors buy license version of this program to perform detailed analysis and scan graphics, to model the movement of assets’ price according to algorithms and sharp mathematic law. The foundation of all of it is graphics. The user can customize all elements of interface for himself.  Timeframe, graphics type, color variations, range, candle types can be changed. The program allows activating even seconds graphics and uses separately scalping tools for trading binary options.

Connection of analytical strategies

motivewave analytical strategies

One of the peculiarities of the programs is the availabilities of built-in trading strategies.  You can choose them from the list or you can create them manually according to more than 15 options. For example, it is possible to create strategies based on William Blau’s index, which allows identifying the trend and find points of oversold/overbought. Modified MACD is more precise than standard indicators from Metatrader.

The strategies can be connected and activate the modeling for all categories of financial instruments including futures, currency couples, indexes, CFD.

Testing and back-tests

motivewave chart

Above we have written that the function of modeling of the situation is a built-in program. The testing is performed by specified criteria. Another function is back-tests. To customize these options, it is necessary to have an eye for many items; there are more than ten. The modeling is performed at one of two algorithms. One is more complicated and includes all possible combinations. Another is simpler and based on standard ranges, embedded by developers.



A given platform is multifunctional and useful, but it is not unique.  The license cost can be called overstated. There are a lot of analogs like Autochartist. For this reason, we can recommend this platform only to experienced users, who need complicated analysis and modeling for big transactions. This platform will be useful for newcomers with a deposit of $1000 but too expensive in usage. This program will be topical for those who trade short terms transactions. The platform differs with speed works, the users have not noticed any slowdown in work. Nevertheless, the interface is performed in English. If you are from CIS, Europe or Asia, it can be difficult for you to understand some terms and titles in the program.

Thinkorswim Review


The disruption of ThinkOrSwim Platform

thinkorswim platform

ThinkOrSwim is a trading platform that is integrated into a system of the broker company Ameritrade. Today this platform is partly independent which offers everyone the opportunity to choose a tariff and trade in the program. It differs from the basic version of Metatrader by its functions, convenience, and informativeness. 

And, of course, most traders are potentially choosing the ThinkOrSwim as a working platform. It is worth to mention that the program is positioning itself as a serious instrument. This is why it is rational for experienced traders who can work with settings independently to use it.

How much it will cost to use the program

The platform is integrated into the system of the Ameritrade company, this is why transactions are executed with a certain commission. You can connect the program to the account of another broker, physical or online one. The platform is free itself and you can download it on your computer or mobile device. But tariffing acts for transactions. 


•    Options – $6.95 per transaction;

•    Investment funds – $49.99 per transaction;

•    Futures – $2.25 per transaction;

•    Stocks, ETF – $6.95 per transaction.

Tariffing is fully transparent even though the value of the established commission causes disputes among some customers.

Features of the ThinkOrSwim trading platform

First of all the multifunctionality attracts potential traders to this platform. It allows you not only to track graphs but also to analyze, scan, monitor, and test possible signals. All user interface windows can be corrected as you wish. 

We have mentioned above that the platform is more suitable for experienced traders. The deal is that all its potential opportunities are opened with the ability to use various tools. For example, besides classic Japanese candlesticks, Heikin Ashi and Equivolume candles can be displayed on the screen. They display equivalent volumes. ВDue to this candlestick format it can simplify the analysis and “read” the situation in the financial market better. 


It is convenient to display several graphs on different timeframes on the central display. Unique interface settings do not limit the user in choosing colors.

The total number of available indicators and instruments for users is more than a hundred. It is much more than it was available on the Metatrader platform. One of the features of this platform is that there are a number of tools specifically designed by well-known analysts John Carter and John Person.

The window with the list of financial instruments has a sufficient size so that the user could track the value of many assets at the same time, monitor the increase and decrease in prices. For a search of optimal conditions for trading, you can perform scanning on previously prepared parameters.

News in the ThinkOrSwim trading platform

thinkorswim platform

Trading by the news is a basis for fundamental analysis. And the ThinkOrSwim platform allows it on inner servers. Independent news is published by authoritative sources (can be customized). Updates occur in real time with access to the Internet.

Order opening and notification

thinkorswim order opening

Performing transactions on the platform are not momentary, the process of performing the order can take a while. It depends on how fast liquidity providers will respond. This factor often causes negative reviews of clients But, it is hard to call it the one which significantly affects the outcome of trading. Every user has the opportunity to set up alerts for different triggers. It will allow you to concentrate on the concrete screen and leave the function of tracking some factors of the platform. There can be sound or visual notifications.


Firstly, the ThinkOrSwim trading platform was independent but subsequently, it was acquired by the Ameritrade broker. The functional didn’t reduce after it but anyway it is not the totally independent program for graphs analysis and forecasting anymore. Along with the Ameritrade, ThinkOrSwim executives are working on an expansion of the list of available tools and training materials. For example, today you can use free news podcasts, video seminars, instructions on trading in financial markets. It is convenient that all this is available on the trading platform and you don’t have to open a lot of websites and bookmarks in the browser.

You can communicate in online chat with other traders connected to the system by means of the trading terminal. But participants are speaking a different language and it causes some difficulties.

The platform pricing is suitable only for experienced traders whose deposit is more than one thousand dollars. And for beginner traders, the feasibility of such a platform is not high, since it is also necessary to be able to use all its functionality. But beginner users can always use free training material.