fxstabilizer forex robot

FxStabilizer is a Forex trading advisor, which is positioned as a reliable and durable program that allows you to receive daily profits automatically without failures and long-term drawdowns.

Let’s get acquainted with the FxStabilizer Advisor in more detail. First, go to the official website and see a detailed description. Next, we will get acquainted with the statistics of transactions and user reviews. In the end, let’s summarize, go through the main advantages and disadvantages, and also share our opinion on the program.

A detailed review of robots FxStabilizer

fxstabilizer forex robot review

Let’s start with the study of the official site, which is created in the form of a simple one-page structure and consists of 5 sections: “Home”, “Information”, “Statistics”, “Order” and “Contacts”. The site is not adapted to the Russian language, so we will further analyze all sections and highlight key information.

FxStabilizer is an automatic robot with which it will be convenient to work even for users without earning experience in the forex market:

  1. It is enough to buy and install an adviser.
  2. Select the appropriate operating mode: normal or turbo.
  3. Specify the acceptable level of risk that is easily reconfigured and displayed as a percentage of the deposit. After you can go to trade.

In the descriptive part, it says that FxStabilizer has a special protective mechanism, which during the test trials worked only in 1997 on the AUD / USD currency pair. In other cases, the robot carefully analyzed the market situation, accurately selected points for transactions and increased the deposit.

Cost and terms of purchase

fxstabilizer forex robot cost

According to the price category, the FxStabilizer trading robot is divided into three types:

  1. There are two basic advisors for the $ 295 FXStabilizer. The first adviser was developed for the AUD / USD currency pair and supplemented with statistics since 2015. The second adviser goes under the EUR / USD currency pair and its statistics start in 2016. For the rest of the parameters, these robots are identical.
  2. FXStabilizer Ultimate version for $ 539. Here, 6 currency pairs are available for work, under 2 of which you can change trading modes.
  3. Version FXStabilizer PRO for $ 739. This version provides 8 currency pairs, one additional license and 2 pairs with a changeable trading mode.

After buying an advisor, you get one perpetual license for one trading account of the MetaTrader 4 terminal. If in the future you want to change the forex broker, then the license for the advisor is saved: you just need to enter your personal account and reconfigure the license for the trading terminal of the new broker. All updates are free and can be performed an unlimited number of times.

All versions of the FxStabilizer robot are covered by a 30-day warranty, which allows you to return 100% of the money spent on the purchase. You are buying an advisor → trying to earn → if there is no result, write to tech support and ask for a refund. This information is listed on the main page of the site. However, if we go to the footer of the site, open the “Privacy Policy” and read the return policy, then there will be an important addition. The funds are returned only if you use all the recommended settings and the trading advisor will lose more than 40% of your deposit. Otherwise, there will be no refund.

General characteristics

fxstabilizer forex robot characteristics

FxStabilizer is a fully automatic program that, judging by the screenshots of transaction statistics, is designed for an hour timeframe. Here is a list of currency pairs that can be used in the work: EUR / USD, AUD / USD, EUR / JPY, USD / JPY, USD / CAD, CHF / JPY, EUR / GBP and GBP / CHF. Please note that we have listed all currency pairs that are used in different versions of the FxStabilizer trading robot. If you buy a program with limited functionality, you will be tied to fewer pairs.

Robot FxStabilizer is designed for deposits that do not exceed $300,000. For a larger trading account, additional advice from company representatives is needed. You can get it by writing a message through the form in the “Contacts” section. Other data developers have not provided.

FxStabilizer Trading Strategy

There is no description of the trading strategy on the site, according to the rules of which the adviser works. There is the only information that all versions can work in normal and turbo mode. Normal mode assumes stable profits and safe operation, and turbo mode – high wages and increased risk. What this means in numbers, the developers have not specified. In the basic versions of the product, the specified modes are set by default and are not configured. For PRO-versions, an additional license is provided, which allows you to configure the EA for any parameters.

Trading results

fxstabilizer forex robot trading results

The main page of the site says that the adviser has been tested at different time intervals and the longest test has been passed since 1997. The site has additional screenshots that prove this efficiency – at various intervals, the robot consistently trades and gives about 90% of the deposit increase. The site also publishes live statistics, the reliability of which is confirmed by the independent information service myfxbook. The only nuance is that all these tests are conducted on a demo account and in practice does not guarantee a result. This is confirmed by one of the sections of the “Privacy Policy”, which warns all users about the high probability of risk.

Customer Reviews

FxStabilizer trading advisor is not widely used, so there are few detailed reviews. Let’s highlight the main and most useful:

  • After buying a program some users cannot install an adviser because their PC qualifies the program as a virus. In all cases, the seller ignores this claim and refuses to return the money. If the payment is made without a credit card, then the payment cannot be disputed and the chargeback procedure cannot be initiated.
  • A part of users note that the adviser has been working stably for many months, is making a profit and fully pays for the investments made. The program is based on the Martingale method, so absolutely everyone has the opportunity to make a profit without any effort.

A separate user group constantly talks about the fact that for several months the adviser may show a small performance and then drastically drain most of the deposit. From this scenario, no one is insured.


Let us list the main advantages that we identified during the study of the FxStabilizer advisor:

  • There are various batch offers and detailed transaction statistics for a long time period.
  • A perpetual license, which can be configured under accounts of different forex brokers. The procedure is carried out in a few clicks and can be performed an unlimited number of times.

And now let’s go through the main disadvantages:

  • All testing was conducted on a demo account, so we have no real evidence that the adviser will be effective in practice.
  • There is a 30-day warranty, however, it is filed with a hidden additional condition and in practice can be used only in a limited number of cases.
  • There is no detailed information about which company developed the adviser and why its services can be trusted. There is also no detailed description of the trading algorithm, which is the basis of the advisor. It is still not clear how much the usual mode will differ from the turbo mode.
fxstabilizer forex robot review

Considering all of the above, we get a high-quality adviser, whose effective work before the purchase cannot be verified in practice. Because of this, we assign the average reliability level and a rating of 5 out of 10 to the FxStabilizer trading robot.

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