Privacy Policy

We are very much concerned about your privacy and take it very seriously. We have taken all the precautionary measures to ensure the privacy of the users and to keep it protected. The whole of the information collected is kept secret, regardless of the way, how it has been collected. We make sure that the data we collect will be used solely for the purposes it was collected, and it isn’t shared with any third-party unless or until needed.

Be assured that we collect and use the data for legal business purposes. In order to keep the information safe and protected, we held ourselves responsible for the following means:

Accountability: Protection of user’s privacy is of paramount importance for us. We value the trust that you put in us, and we held ourselves accountable for any mischievous activity that takes place from our side. We have made our policy as transparent as possible. To ensure the privacy of our users, we have hired an expert policy officer who takes care of all safety-related matters. The data you provide is collected, stored, and used solely for business and legal purposes.

Purpose of data collection: We will definitely identify and address the purpose for which the whole of the information is being collected and disclosed at or before the time of collecting data. This information will not be shared with anyone except for our business’ operational purposes.

Important Information: Our dedicated staff makes sure that only essential and important personal information is collected from the users. No one will ask you for sensitive information like credit card numbers, PIN codes, etc. So, we advise not to share such information with anyone on our behalf.

Terms of use and disclosure of data: Personal information collected from the users will not be disclosed or used for any other purposes except for which it is collected. However, when we are to be asked by any legal authority to share a piece of information, then we would be bound to comply with the law and will inform you about it immediately.

Assent of the user: In case you want to be a member of the mailing list, we must receive your consent via double opt-in. We don’t send a plethora of emails to everyone on the mailing list and don’t be a headache for our users. If you wish to receive important updates and newsletters from us, then it is better to give us your consent.

Authenticity: We ensure the authenticity of the information and strive to keep it up-to-date. For this purpose, we are more likely to ask or reconfirm about any changes in the data you have already provided so that we can operate effectively.

User Access: Access to personal information has been given to the users, and the information they have provided can be amended on their request.

Maintenance of the record: We keep the record in prints and soft forms as well just to make sure the instant availability and safety of the record. All our practices, as well as privacy policies, are transparent and are made available in electronic and print form.

Safeguards: We have taken every possible measure to keep the information secret and safe. When we feel that we don’t need the data anymore, the collected data will be disposed of properly through electronic deletion and shredding of files.

Compliance to Policy: Any concern regarding the policy will be addressed upon request. If you have any concerns regarding our privacy policy, then you can reach out to our privacy officer at [email protected]

We appreciate your interest and are available to answer your queries and concerns.