Risk Disclosure

Mandatory Disclaimer (U.S. Government- Commodity Futures Trading Commission) — While there is considerable potential for rewards or profits, there is also a similar potential for risks, when it comes to trading in the Futures and Options market. Before investing in markets falling under the futures and options category, you should be mindful of all the potential risks and be ready to take them at your own responsibility as well. Therefore, it is advised that you refrain from trading with finance that you cannot stand to lose. This message is not meant as an offer, nor is this an attempt at soliciting participation in this market. This website is not creating any claims about the likeliness of any account to incur a loss or achieve a profit on the basis of the accounts discussed and/or their past performance. It will help if you do not think of any procedure or trading method’s prior performance as an indication for its future results as the real-time results can be completely different.

No claims are raised in regards to any account’s likeliness to either make profits or incur losses alike to the mentioned accounts. In reality, usually, there are quite sharp variances between results achieved through any trading system and those that are estimated by theoretical predictions. In reality, whenever you are indulged in trading, financial risk is there, which is not involved in speculative trading. In fact, it can never be fully accommodated by any suppositional trading record.

Hypothetical trading is not associated with potential financial risk, and no hypothetical trading record completely eliminates the risk of financial loss in actual trading. The distinct differences between actual results that are obtained by a specific trading program and hypothetical results withdrawn from speculative data should not be overlooked. All information on this website or from any other source related to this website such as any advisor setting or e-book purchased from this website is not meant for financial advice, and this is only for educational purposes as described earlier. You may face loss in your actual trading as no trading system is guaranteed, and any statement on the website related to benefits or losses is not an assurance of any type of results.

The CFTC Rule 4.41 states that outcomes that have been estimated have certain restraints. While a real performance record represents real trading, this is not the case when it comes to simulated results. Moreover, since in the case of estimated results, no transaction is actually conducted, there is a potential of under-or-over representation of the compensation for the influence of some market elements, for example, lack of liquidity. Additionally, predictive trading structures are further susceptible due to the reality that they are developed using hindsight. Therefore, the shown records are not an indication that any account is probable to or will make profits or incur losses similar to the ones available or discussed on the site.

The knowledge made available on this website or received through any expert advisor, e-book, or expert settings bought from this site is intended for educational grounds only and subsequently, is not to be viewed as a provider of financial advice. Any statements that are clearly stated or implied regarding income or profits do not, in any circumstance, constitute a guarantee. Since no trading system’s success can be guaranteed, your trading has an equal probability of concluding in losses. Hence, you concur not to blame us and/or any authorised distributors in any way, and you take complete liability for the results of your trades, profit, or loss.