The disruption of ThinkOrSwim Platform

thinkorswim platform

ThinkOrSwim is a trading platform that is integrated into a system of the broker company Ameritrade. Today this platform is partly independent which offers everyone the opportunity to choose a tariff and trade in the program. It differs from the basic version of Metatrader by its functions, convenience, and informativeness. 

And, of course, most traders are potentially choosing the ThinkOrSwim as a working platform. It is worth to mention that the program is positioning itself as a serious instrument. This is why it is rational for experienced traders who can work with settings independently to use it.

How much it will cost to use the program

The platform is integrated into the system of the Ameritrade company, this is why transactions are executed with a certain commission. You can connect the program to the account of another broker, physical or online one. The platform is free itself and you can download it on your computer or mobile device. But tariffing acts for transactions. 


•    Options – $6.95 per transaction;

•    Investment funds – $49.99 per transaction;

•    Futures – $2.25 per transaction;

•    Stocks, ETF – $6.95 per transaction.

Tariffing is fully transparent even though the value of the established commission causes disputes among some customers.

Features of the ThinkOrSwim trading platform

First of all the multifunctionality attracts potential traders to this platform. It allows you not only to track graphs but also to analyze, scan, monitor, and test possible signals. All user interface windows can be corrected as you wish. 

We have mentioned above that the platform is more suitable for experienced traders. The deal is that all its potential opportunities are opened with the ability to use various tools. For example, besides classic Japanese candlesticks, Heikin Ashi and Equivolume candles can be displayed on the screen. They display equivalent volumes. ВDue to this candlestick format it can simplify the analysis and “read” the situation in the financial market better. 


It is convenient to display several graphs on different timeframes on the central display. Unique interface settings do not limit the user in choosing colors.

The total number of available indicators and instruments for users is more than a hundred. It is much more than it was available on the Metatrader platform. One of the features of this platform is that there are a number of tools specifically designed by well-known analysts John Carter and John Person.

The window with the list of financial instruments has a sufficient size so that the user could track the value of many assets at the same time, monitor the increase and decrease in prices. For a search of optimal conditions for trading, you can perform scanning on previously prepared parameters.

News in the ThinkOrSwim trading platform

thinkorswim platform

Trading by the news is a basis for fundamental analysis. And the ThinkOrSwim platform allows it on inner servers. Independent news is published by authoritative sources (can be customized). Updates occur in real time with access to the Internet.

Order opening and notification

thinkorswim order opening

Performing transactions on the platform are not momentary, the process of performing the order can take a while. It depends on how fast liquidity providers will respond. This factor often causes negative reviews of clients But, it is hard to call it the one which significantly affects the outcome of trading. Every user has the opportunity to set up alerts for different triggers. It will allow you to concentrate on the concrete screen and leave the function of tracking some factors of the platform. There can be sound or visual notifications.


Firstly, the ThinkOrSwim trading platform was independent but subsequently, it was acquired by the Ameritrade broker. The functional didn’t reduce after it but anyway it is not the totally independent program for graphs analysis and forecasting anymore. Along with the Ameritrade, ThinkOrSwim executives are working on an expansion of the list of available tools and training materials. For example, today you can use free news podcasts, video seminars, instructions on trading in financial markets. It is convenient that all this is available on the trading platform and you don’t have to open a lot of websites and bookmarks in the browser.

You can communicate in online chat with other traders connected to the system by means of the trading terminal. But participants are speaking a different language and it causes some difficulties.

The platform pricing is suitable only for experienced traders whose deposit is more than one thousand dollars. And for beginner traders, the feasibility of such a platform is not high, since it is also necessary to be able to use all its functionality. But beginner users can always use free training material.

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